Huawei has several different ranges of android smart phones that are aimed at various groups of people. At the very top, you have the D-series of Huawei which are the most expensive and the best. After that, comes the cheaper P-series which are meant for the people who prefer to have a phone with a stylish, fashionable and tremendous look. The most affordable is the G-series which are mid-range smart phones that offer widespread multimedia features and specs. The Huawei Ascend G 700 is a smart phone distinct features and specs. G 700 has room for two sims. It is well equipped with all necessary multimedia features. It has a wide screen display of 5 inches and a highly sensitive touch screen with a multi touch system. It has a internal memory up to 8 GB and has memory card slot up to 32 GB. G 700 has an 8 MP camera with auto focus and LED flash light, the picture quality is sharp and the colors are bright.

Sadly, there are no obvious differences in the picture quality of G700 and the other much more expensive smart phones of the Huawei family. Unlike other phones with dual-core phones, the G700 comes with a quad-core processor; it has a quad core 1.2 GHz processor and android OS v4.2 jelly beans. This is undoubtedly an edge. And I’m sure there are so much brighter days ahead. The phone supports GPS, which forms a very useful combination with Google Maps that is included as part of the Android operating system. You can also listen to radio if you want to.


October 7, 2013 Mobile phones, Tablets


Whenever I get a new device, it takes months (if not years) for me to learn all the cool things I can do with it. My Macbook, for example, is still surprising me with new features and shortcuts that make my life easier and more organized.

Now, Android fans join me in admiring the unbelievable hidden features on Android that not many people know about. These features may not be groundbreaking but they’re awesome and I guarantee there’s one thing here you didn’t know about:


  1. Storage
    Use your super smart phone as a USB storage device to transfer data onto your computer. Plugging the phone into your computer with a USB cable allows you to swap files easily and back up necessary information.
  2. Offline Maps For When You’re Lost
    Even when your data isn’t on, you can access maps saved in offline mode. Super cool especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have any reception. Could be a lifesaver for some!
  3. Help! I Lost My Phone
    We have to give it to blackberry here; they’ve always had this capability. It’s a cool feature on the Android phone that lets you put contact information shouldandroidjellybean anyone find your phone. To set this up go to Settings > Security > Screen Security > Owner Info. Pro-tip: just make sure you don’t put your cell phone number in there!
  4. I Need A Jelly Bean!
    If you don’t have unlimited data usage (not all of us have awesome cell phone plans) then you’re really going to want this. You can monitor data usage and make sure you’re not going over your plan.
  5. Common Character Frustrations
    Do you speak another language or love using certain characters whenever you type? If so, you don’t need to keep going through the multiple steps to get these symbols. Now, you can hold down the full stop button and a commonly used characters box will pop up. You will save a lot of time.

November 6, 2013 Android Apps, Mobile phones


iPhone5/5c/5s have created a long-lasting buzz in the mobile industry. Since last September, the launch of the iPhone5 has resulted in continuous media coverage. Whether focusing on the functionalities of the current version or speculation of a new release, the media (and the public) loves to hear about it. This fact just reaffirms Apple’s stronghold of its niche market. What’s interesting is that whenever the hype hits a lull, several iPhone users start to question whether the ‘golden iPhone’ is indeed worth the money.

Current iPhone5 users may not be necessarily enthralled to shift to 5s unless they are specifically eyeing the elegant colors of the new phone. Other than these enticing colors, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s basically have the same features, with the 4-inch retina display, and its classic diamond-cut edges.

The main difference lies in the internal features of iPhone5s, which reassures its market that this new iPhone is still worth every penny you spend. Several tech experts are convinced that 5s is indeed an improved version of iPhone5 in terms of hardware and performance.

One of the most salient features of iPhone 5s is its Touch ID, the first for all the smartphones to date. This technology makes use of fingerprint sensor, similar to a biometrics function. Touch ID serves as the alternate for the typical passwords, and can be activated from the classic home button of the iPhone. This feature positions iPhone 5s as one of the most secure smartphones of the generation.

Performance is also guaranteed to be faster than the rest of the iPhone models, as Apple finally infused their new A7 processor. This processor makes iPhone 5s’ CPU perform at least 40 times faster than the previous iPhones. The newest iPhone is also packed with the M7 motion co-processor, perfect for health and fitness apps. Better photo and vide quality can also be expected from the new iPhone with the improvements added to their already superb iSight camera technology. Early users of iPhone 5s also testify to experience longer batter life. Available memory for iPhone 5s is up to 64gb.

So, to address doubts, it turns out that iPhone 5s is quite determined to edge out iPhone 5 soon.

October 30, 2013 Mobile phones

BBM, which was once only available for BlackBerry phones has now been also release for Android and IOs phones. As it was previously reported, BlackBerry’s dedicated messaging service will be gracing the Google Play Store and Apple App Store very soon. The company now announced that the BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) will no longer be exclusive to BlackBerry device users, and will be availabe for iPhone and Android smartphones. The best part is that this is a free app which is avibale both in Google Play Store and App Store.


The BBM  service allows you to chat and share information with up to 30 users in a single conversation, and it also  ensures your privacy with a unique PIN which you can use when deciding if you want to share your contact information with others. With BlackBerry’s move to the Android and iOS, one wonders if it’s a little too late to compete with other popular messaging services like Whatsapp, Lime, Viber, and WeChat. The messenger is now available to download  for Android smartphones and iPhones, respectively. BlackBerry Messenger was the main reason that teens became as addicted to their BlackBerrys as the most business-minded executive, mainly because — unlike texting — it’s free. You can also write much longer messages and see when someone’s read your message. Although Whatsapp and other latest apps have this feature too.

“Thanks for your patience Android users!” saysBlackBerry. With this latest app launch, its expected that the BBM will again be in the use of almost every other person. bbm-victoria

September 22, 2013 Android Apps, Mobile phones, Software

Cell phones, worlds most common thing. These days, Androids are on the top of the list of every phone owner. In fact, many big companies such as Sony, Samsung are also using Android in their upcoming phones.

Millions of Android apps are added to Google Play Store every month. These apps are easy to use, much fast to download (depending on the connection). As per popularity Android has beaten many other phone’s software including iOS. When we compare android and iOS, then we focus on points such as market share, device fragmentation and usability. Companies with complex mobile apps, usually have one person or team building for android and a different person or team building for iOS. The two software use different languages, different ideas and tools.


Some sources say that android development is two times to that of iOS. Android documentation corpus is much higher.

Suffice it to say, supporting device rotation on android takes a lot of work and have many bugs while iOS requires just a little bit of effort. A common complaint about android ecosystem is extreme fragmentation. carriers are very slow to push out updates. Android and iOS platforms have very disparate systems for managing data.

No android and iOS comparison would complete without mentioning the publishing process, posting the G Queues app on Google Play is real fun! while publishing on app store is a demoralizing experience. Having said that both android ans iOS have those areas where they are really strong. Aplle though is the king of secrecy, but android may currently have more momentum.


September 15, 2013 Android Apps, Mobile phones, Software


As soon as LG threw its latest species of smart phones, LG Optimius, in the market cash started to pour in. similar is predicted to happen with the lately announced first tablet from the LG banner, LG G Pad 8.3. With its announcement in early September, eyes have been set upon this device. Although the date has not been publicized yet, it is expected to be released in by the New Year. G Pad 8.3 is LG’s first tablet with full HD display. It will have an 8 inch huge display with a capacitive touch screen and a multi touch system. Its sensors are incredibly sensitive and precise.  Powering this 8 inch giant is the Snapdragon 600 processor, along with 2 GB Ram. The G Pad will have CPU Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 and will be supported by Android OS v 4.2 jelly bean.  LG has introduced various fresh and novel software features. Using the KnockOn feature customers can wake up the G pad with just two light taps and many other vfeatures that will be revealed soon. The primary camera is of 5 MP. Camera features are alike to other smart phone such as geo tagging and face and smile detection. The failing aspect in this upcoming G pad is the absence of memory card slot. Well, the internal memory is 16 GB, enough I reckon. It will can easily be connected to Wlan, Bluetooth, USB port. It will only support micro sim card. It will be available in black and white color.

September 7, 2013 Mobile phones

xperia m


Sony has manufactured an immense range of Android phones. Sony Xperia has E, J, L, S, SP, T, U, Z, Z Ultra under its banner and now is the turn of M. Xperia M has everything that you expect or demand of your android phone. It’s a solid genuine phone with a firm captive grip. This dual sim phone was made available in August 2013. It is very sleek, stylish and light weighted phone only 115 g. Sony Xperia M has a mega display of 4.0 inches screen which is protected by scratch resistant glass. Xperia M is available in black, white and purple color and touch system is highly sensitive and delicate with a multi touch up to 4 fingers. Internal memory is not much only 4 GB and you can use a card up to 32 GB. Fortunately, it supports Android OS v4.1 jelly beans with a dual-core 1 GHz krait processor. The camera is very sharp, precise and of premium quality. M has a primary camera of 5 MP with auto focus. Camera features are common to other smart phones such as geo-tagging, face and smile detection and touch focus. It supports all connectivity stuffs including Wlan, Bluetooth, NFC and USB.M is also cost-effective and middle ranged smart phone for those who want a cheap phone with every spec. Sony Xperia M supports a GPS and also have a stereo FM radio with RDS. It supports a 1750 mAh battery and GPS also. It has a devastating battery time its stand by time is up to 522 h and talk time up to 10 h.

September 1, 2013 Mobile phones, Tablets


As the hype grew with the list teaser image of the LG Optimus L9 II, and the manufacturer seized this momentum and officially unveiled it. The official unveiling was carried out by LG in the Netherlands. With the official reveal we can no confirm some of the specifications. The LG Optimus L9 II will sport a 4.7 inch True HD IPS Display, 1.4 GHz processor and a 2150mAh battery for keep the power flowing in. However we still have no legitimate information about the camera but rumours suggest either an 8 or a 12 megapixel camera with coupled with a 1.3 MP front facing camera for attending video calls. Pricing and Release date are yet to be revealed but the device is expected to go out on sale sometime in October this year.

August 27, 2013 Mobile phones



Well, in late April 2013, with the advent of Samsung Galaxy S4, the successor of Galaxy S III, Samsung Electronics has huge hopes to tighten up its hold on the android market. In three stimulating colors, Frost White, Arctic Blue and Mist Black, S 4 has done all the charms Samsung required. With 20 million sets already sold out in just the first two months, Galaxy s 4 is proving to be the fastest selling smart phone of Samsung. The phone’s software is well equipped with various innovative features including Air Gesture and Smart Scroll. The Galaxy S4 comes in at 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches with a 5-inch display with full HD resolution. It has one of the fastest processor of all times, packed within it. Yet another exciting news for all the gadget lovers, S 4 is stuffed with Android OS, v4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It is one amazing version seriously! It has a Quad core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor. It can effortlessly connect to NFC, USB device, Bluetooth or WLan. With a 13 MP camera embed inside; Galaxy S 4 portrays various thrilling features including dual shot, image recording and HD video recording simultaneously, smile detection, image stabilization, touch focus, face detection and many others that you can experience only when you get your hands on it. The maximum internal memory is 64 GB, and it is not enough owing to the massive images and videos. Samsung has provided an external memory option too, that also up to 64 GB.


August 25, 2013 Mobile phones, Tablets


Nexus – the brand capable of producing the very best devices in Android arena – has developed yet another hit, the Nexus 10. The Nexus Google product is the most advanced tablet P.C available. Nexus 10, only touted by Google, is manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

Nexus 10 is installed with Android Jelly Bean 4.2, which is up gradable to 4.3. Nexus is well capable of defeating Apple and proving itself to be the preeminent and best-equipped Android available in market. It comes with pre-installed Google Chrome, Gmail, Currents, YouTube, Play Store applications, Google+ and Maps. Downloading apps is uncomplicated and requires little of your time, unlike many other androids. With the A15 dual-core processor, Nexus 10 has a 16 to 32 GB intern al memory. 10.55 inch display satisfies its users and so does the 2GB RAM. In the absence of MicroSD, the battery cannot be expanded but you can easily save it by turning off Wi-Fi and GPS or irrelevant functions like keyboard sounds. An external hard drive and a SD card can also be your options.

With Nexus 10 in your hand, you can wirelessly hook your tablet to the HDTV screen through a Wi-Fi Certified Miracast device or the Skifta app. Lay back in your couch and enjoy your games on the big screen.

With its high definition display and speedy processing, Nexus 10 is firm and inflexible. The negative aspect is that its rubbery back attracts dirt particles and finger prints easily.

Its larger size, shapely edges, sleek exterior and highly sensitive front facing speakers single out this particular gadget form all other tablets circulating in the Android market.


August 18, 2013 Tablets